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  1. Roland Meier

    Many thanks for inviting me to your celebration activities. I would have loved to join the celebrations (and meet with former collegues), but I will most likely not be able to make it.

  2. Ann Merchant Boesgaard

    Ann Boesgaard remembers
    In January 1971 Alan Stockton and I were sharing half-nights on the 88-inch telescope. (I had first halves; he had the extragalactic halves.) The weather looked fantastic that afternoon with deep blue skies. There was a problem though. There was ice on the dome which meant it couldn’t be opened. So Alan and I drove to the summit in a big-tire, 2-person, open-air Cushman vehicle. Our goal was yo chip the ice off the dome. That required getting to the top of the dome. We went out on the catwalk and climbed the stairs by the code room. With safety harnesses attached we climbed up the ladder over the curvature of the dome. Alan seemed nonchalant, but I was totally spooked. All directions were down! The ice was intransigent so were climbed back down. Thereafter, Alan drove back like a crazy man over hill and dale – a little scary, but not like the top of the dome…


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