IfA Mānoa


The IfA building contains offices, a large astronomical library, laboratories, Although they primarily observe from Maunakea or Haleakalā, most UH astronomers are based at the IfA headquarters building in the part of Honolulu known as Mānoa Valley, near the main campus of the University of Hawai‘i on the island of O‘ahu. The IfA has an annual budget of about $20 million and a total staff of about 200 people, including more than 50 faculty and 40 graduate students. a machine shop for building the scientific instruments that go on the telescopes, extensive computing facilities, and remote observing facilities so that astronomers can use the telescopes on Maunakea and Haleakala over the Internet.

Institute for Astronomy

We are one of the largest university astronomy programs in the world.