Final remarks

This account, I should repeat, simply highlights a few of the earliest ventures that seemed to me to be significant in framing the Institute and the growth of Mauna Kea. From the conception of the CFHT in 1973 at meetings in Honolulu, the growth of astronomy in Hawaii and at the University was explosive as, indeed, it continued and promises to remain. To do justice to its development during my years there (from 1964 to 1983) would require an effort and resources far beyond those I am able to command. Much of the necessary material for such a study is to be found in the archives of the Institute for Astronomy which Dale Cruikshank started and diligently stocked, and any interested historian is directed to that source.

While I have not, then, written anything even remotely approaching a comprehensive account of what went on during my years in Hawaii, or even during the limited period considered here, I have prepared an expanded version for inclusion in the Institute’s archives.