Colloquia: Fall 2022

1 31-Aug Jessica Erkal UH IfA A. Boogert Probing the jet-disk connection using infrared observations of protostellar jets
2 7-Sep Laurie Rousseau-Nepton CFHT F. Bresolin
3 14-Sep
4 21-Sep Subir Sarkar University of Oxford  I. Szapudi Testing the Cosmological Principle
5 28-Sep Mark Boslough University of New Mexico R. Jedicke Explosions in the Sky and Fire on the Ground: The Physics of Cosmic Airbursts
6 5-Oct Sam Barden & Andy Sheinis MSE / CFHT E. Baxter A two-part colloquium on the Maunakea Spectroscopic Explorer (MSE) and CFHT
7 12-Oct JJ Hermes Boston University  J. van Saders Searching for Signposts of Failed White Dwarf Supernovae
8 19-Oct Joel Ong UH IfA J. van Saders New Methods for Seismic Analysis with Gravitoacoustic Mixed Modes
9 26-Oct Erin Kara MIT B. Shappee Reverberation Mapping Black Hole Accretion Flows
10 2-Nov Dan Hey UH IfA D. Huber Mapping the Milky Way with Asteroseismology
11 9-Nov Jean-Gabriel Cuby CFHT D. Simons Euclid: The ESA cosmology mission
12 16-Nov Xudong Sun UH IfA S. Habbal TBA
13 23 -Nov Brent Tully UH IfA  I. Szapudi TBA
14 30-Nov Marshall Perrin STScI M. Liu TBA
15 7-Dec Joel Zinn American Museum of Natural History M. Hon TBA
16 14-Dec Travis Metcalfe White Dwarf Research Corporation J. van Saders Magnetic Stellar Evolution and Planetary Habitability

All colloquia are held at 11:45 am HST unless otherwise noted.

The IfA Colloquia are kindly sponsored by the Friends of the IfA.

Contact: Fabio Bresolin

Institute for Astronomy