Information for Colloquium Speakers

Colloquia Time and Location


IfA Mānoa, C Building Auditorium (C-214)
2680 Woodlawn Drive, Honolulu, HI


11:45am – 12:45pm on Wednesdays, unless noted otherwise. 

The Necessary Paperwork

Speakers visiting the IfA should stop by Laura Toyama’s office (C-218) as soon as possible to complete reimbursement paperwork.

Before Your Visit

For visitors to Manoa only – Speakers will be contacted by the Colloquium Chair (Fabio Bresolin – and/or the Colloquium Secretary (Laura Toyama – to arrange travel to/from Oahu, accommodations in Honolulu, and local transportation. If possible, we prefer to reserve and pay for accommodations and car rental directly using our UH corporate accounts. Speakers will also receive a formal letter of invitation describing their visit and reimbursable expenses. On a typical visit the speaker arrives the day before colloquium and stays in Honolulu for two nights. Visits can be extended when additional sources of funds are available (e.g. from an IfA collaborator).

During Your Visit

Outside speakers will have an IfA host to guide them through the day. The host may arrange a schedule for the speaker, including meetings with IfA researchers and setup 30 minutes before colloquium. The speaker will be taken to lunch at a nearby restaurant by members of the faculty, postdocs, and graduate students. There will be also be a coffee/tea at ~3pm with just the graduate students. On Wednesdays at the IfA, an astro-ph discussion is held at 10:30am in the Library. Speakers are encouraged to attend and, for part of the session, lead an informal discussion (for 10-20 minutes) of some aspect of their work that they will not be covering in their talk later in the day. Recent papers and plots can be displayed, although we encourage speakers *not* to prepare slides.


Travel Reimbursement

Please confirm what expenses will be reimbursed with the Colloquium Chair and/or Secretary prior to visit.

For reimbursement, permanent residents will need to bring a copy of their permanent resident card, and foreign visitors will need to bring a copy of the photo page of their passport, a copy of their visa, and complete a “Certificate of Academic Activity” form. Speakers will need to fill out the UH WH-1 form in order to be reimbursed for expenses.

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