Astronomical Utilities

Astronomical Utilities

Rise and set times

Enter RA and Declination to get target availability
Source observability

Plot of source airmass versus time, for a given OMP project. [Staff only at present]

Finding nearby SAO or BS stars

Bright star finder

Temperatures and Colors of Stars

Tables of effective temperature and optical-IR colour indices

Zero mag fluxes, conversions to Jansky

Magnitudes to Janskys and W.m-2.micron-1

Atmospheric Transmission and Extinction

0.9-32um transmission plots and Extinction coefficients between U and Q
Available to staff only via internal container

UKIRT Sky Brightness measurements

Through-night variations of JHK sky brightness; Flat field timing; Correlations between J, H and K sky brightness

Condition Requirements for UKIRT Observing

Seeing, water vapour and sky brightness constraints for queued programmes, and their MKO site statistics