Contact Info

Contact Info


UKIRT Observatory, Institute for Astronomy
640 N. A’ohoku Place
University Park
Hilo, Hawaii 96720
Telephone: +1 (808) 932-2397,  932-2300
Fax: +1 (808) 933-0737


Direction from Hilo Airport to IFA and UKIRT Office
Direction from Hilo Airport to Banyan Drive Hotels
Direction from Kona Airport to UKIRT Office
Directions from Kona Airport to Ali’i Drive
Directions from Kona Airport to Hale Pohaku


Map of Hilo
Map of Kona
Island of Hawaii
Hale Pohaku
Maunakea Summit

General inquiries
For general questions about UKIRT, please email Mary-Beth Young.

Principal contacts
If you need information in a specific area but you are not sure who to contact, try these people first:

Area of InquiryContact Person
Director of OperationsTom Kerr
AdministrationMary-Beth Young
Hotels/Flights/Car rentalsMary-Beth Young
Telescope schedulingTom Kerr, Watson Varricatt
Telescope performanceTom Kerr, Watson Varricatt
UIST ImagingWatson Varricatt
UIST Spectroscopy (& IFU)Watson Varricatt
WFCAMWatson Varricatt
UFTI (& FP)Watson Varricatt
CGS4/MichelleTom Kerr
UKIDSS and UHSWatson Varricatt
PolarimetryTom Kerr
Service ObservingTom Kerr
NewsletterTom Kerr
Future InstrumentationTom Kerr

Complete list of UKIRT staff

Names of all UKIRT staff members are listed alphabetically below. UKIRT Email addresses are all in the form (, for Mary-Beth Young, use mb as the initials). Links are provided to staff members’ personal web pages.

For contact details regarding Klaus Hodapp, please see

All Staff (Alphabetical)

Cameron Durst
Adam Frantti
Ivan Hamilton
Klaus Hodapp
Shane Jaconson
Tom Kerr
Michael Pohlen
Jessica Stasik
Watson Varricatt
Mary-Beth Young