Downloading the UKIRT Survey Definition Tool

Downloading the UKIRT Survey Definition Tool

The UKIRT Survey Definition tool is a Java application and has been tested on Linux and Windows 2000 – our lead platform is Linux.  It should run on other platforms with the required Java installations.

This page contains download and installation instructions; for usage information see the SDT user manual.


The Java environment required for the SDT is the same as for the UKIRT Observing Tool. Please see the OT download page for details.


First, get the gzipped tar file.


The current version of the SDT has been patched and includes libraries from the UKIRT Observing Tool allowing it to run as a stand-alone application. No special directory structure installation is required. 


Linux users

If you have a java executable in your path (you should have, to be able to run the OT) you should now be able to run up the SDT:

 % sdt/bin/sdt

or add the directory sdt/bin to your PATH environment variable and then type:

 % sdt

Windows 2000 users

Go into the directory sdt\bin\ and click on the


batch icon. If you have a correctly installed JRE the SDT will run without any further ado.

You can get a desktop shortcut as follows: go into the directory sdt\bin\, right click on the sdtbatch icon, and select “copy” from the resulting menu; then right-click on the desktop and select “paste shortcut”. optionally rename the shortcut by right-clicking on it and selecting “rename”.