UKIRT Instruments

UKIRT Instruments

Wide-Field Instrument

WFCAM – The UKIRT Wide-Field Camera

Cassegrain Instruments

This section contains information on UKIRT’s suite of common user instruments for Cassegrain focus. These are not available for community use at this time.

UIST1-5um imaging and long-slit grism spectroscopy with R~1500-3500. Also integral-field spectroscopy and imaging- and spectro-polarimetry. 
UFTI1-2.5um camera with 1024×1024 pixels; pixel scale 0.09″. Imaging polarimetry and K-band 400 km/s FP also available. 
CGS4:1-5um long-slit grating spectrometer with R ~ 400-40,000. 
IRPOL:UKIRT’s polarimetry module for use with all instruments except Michelle, which has its own waveplates. 
Michelle:10-20um imaging and long-slit grating spectroscopy. Echelle spectroscopy and imaging/spectro-polarimetry also available. 
Visiting Instruments:Links to TRISPEC and other visitor instruments. No visitor instruments are scheduled for the forthcoming semester. 
IRCAMIRCAM was removed from the telescope in August 2002 to allow for the installation of UIST. This instrument is no longer available but included here for legacy analysis of pre-exsisting data.

The graph below shows a plot of wavelength range against spectral resolution for the UKIRT cassegrain instruments. Imagers are plotted in blue, spectrometers in red. WFCAM covers essentially the same area as UFTI.

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