IRCAM was removed from the telescope in August 2002 to allow the installation of the new 1-5 micron imager/spectrometer UIST and is no longer available. This manual is offered to assist those analysing existing IRCAM data. IRCAM was a cooled 1-5 micron camera with a 256×256 InSb array with 30 micron pixels. In Fall 1999 IRCAM was reconfigured to have a plate scale of 0.081 arcsec per pixel with a field of view of 20.8 arcseconds. IRCAM/TUFTI (Thermal-UFTI) was designed to complement UFTI and to be used in the thermal regime although standard 1-2.5 micron filters were also offered.

Linear polarimetry with the reconfigured IRCAM was available using a warm half waveplate and focal plane mask with a cold Wollaston prism for simultaneous o- and e- ray photometry. The Fabry-Perot interferometer for the K window is available with UFTI.

Dr Sandy Leggett is the instrument scientist responsible for IRCAM, and should be contacted with all IRCAM enquiries. Her email address is (s.leggett).

Instrument Parameters

Basic Optical Parameters

2002 Filter Set

Sensitivity Tables

Readout Modes, Minimum Exposure Times and Overheads

System Gain, Noise and Linearity

Sky Brightness, Background Limited Exposures and Saturation

Observing with IRCAM/TUFTI

ORAC Data Reduction (ORACDR) for IRCAM/TUFTI

Polarimetry with IRCAM/TUFTI

Calibration Information: Standards, Zeropoints and Extinction

Troubleshooting (for historical reference)