Appropriate ORACDR Recipes

Appropriate ORACDR Recipes

The following tables are designed to let you choose a set of IRCAM/TUFTI ORACDR recipes appropriate for your particular requirements. Once you’ve selected a few recipes click on the recipe name or refer to the next section ORACDR Recipes for more information on what that recipe does, and what its requirements are.

Calibration Recipes

TypeRecipe NameComments
Array checkARRAY_TESTSCalculates readnoise and dark current
DarksREDUCE_DARKStores as dark
FlatsSKY_FLATStores as flat, no object masking
 SKY_FLAT_MASKEDMasks any objects
 SKY_FLAT_POLStores a polarimetry flat

Point Source Recipes – Non-Thermal

TypemagnitudeRecipe NameComments
V. BrightJHK < 10BRIGHT_POINT_SOURCERequires separate flat as ..
Non-thermal BRIGHT_POINT_SOURCE_APHOT..background too low to self-flat
Non-thermal JITTER5_SELF_FLAT 
  JITTER5_SELF_FLAT_NOMASKIf field uncrowded
  JITTER5_SELF_FLAT_APHOTFor point source photometry
  JITTER5_SELF_FLAT_NCOLOURmultiple filters
Non-thermal JITTER9_SELF_FLAT_NOMASKIf field uncrowded

Point Source Recipes – Thermal

TypemagnitudeRecipe NameComments
BrightL < 10NOD4_SELF_FLAT_NO_MASKFast sky removal
Thermal NOD4_SELF_FLAT_NO_MASK_APHOTFor point source photometry
FaintL > 10, all MNOD8_SELF_FLAT_NO_MASKFast sky removal
Thermal NOD8_SELF_FLAT_NO_MASK_APHOTFor point source photometry

Extended Source Recipes

TypeRecipe NameComments
Extent > 10″EXTENDED_3x3Alternates sky/target, maps strip 3×3 frames
 EXTENDED_3x3_BASICFor speed
 EXTENDED_5x5Alternates sky/target, maps strip 5×5 frames
 EXTENDED_5x5_BASICFor speed
 CHOP_SKY_JITTER9Alternates between object and sky

Moving (Non-Sidereal) Source Recipes

TypeRecipe NameComments
Non-SiderealMOVING_JITTER9_SELF_FLATRegistration uses ephemeris data
 JITTER9_SELF_FLAT_TELETelescope tracks

Polarimetry Recipes

TypeRecipe NameComments
PolarimetrySKY_FLAT_POLStores a polarimetry flat
 POL_JITTER3EW jitter at each waveplate posn.
 POL_ANGLE_JITTEROne telescope posn. for each waveplate posn.