Occasionally on startup, several GAIA windows will be created; find out which one is actually being used for displaying and close the others. Also, if you are logged on with the same username on more than one machine you may find the GAIA display has been put onto the wrong machine. Kill that window and try again.

If ORACDR won’t run up at all at the summit, its possible that Kauwa needs rebooting. Check with your TSS.

If you need to stop ORACDR in the event of a GAIA problem or other problem, type control-c in the orac xterm.

To restart ORACDR, say from observation number 124, type

  oracdr -loop wait -from 124

The ” -loop wait” tells ORACDR to keep looking for new images written to disk, and to process these images according to the DR recipe in the header.