UIST – Imaging: Preparing a Programme

UIST – Imaging: Preparing a Programme

UIST observing programmes are set up using the OT. Your complete observing programme should be prepared from your home institute and checked by your support scientist prior to your run or to your program being initiated in the queue. A general guide is available. Type ukirtot to run-up the Observing Tool or at the summit on Kauwa click on the 

OT icon

 icon on the tool bar. A small window will appear containing a photo of UKIRT, as well as a welcome window; dismiss the latter and use the former to either fetch existing programs from the database using the “Observing Database” dropdown menu, or to create new programs, using the “File” dropdown menu. The latter is shown in the image below.

To create a new program, click on “New Program” and on “UKIRT_Template Library”. From the templates expand the UIST folder as shown below. Choose a template suitable for your observations. Drag or copy and paste the required observation into your new program and edit to suit, paying attention to the advice in the Notes. Note there is a separate library of photometric standards.

The next section lists the contents of the imaging template observations. A table of DR recipes is also available. Note that the reduction recipes and observation sequences are intrinsically connected and if you change one make sure the other is still appropriate.