UIST – Instrument Run Up and Down

UIST – Instrument Run Up and Down

The Telescope Systems Specialist (TSS) will run the instrument up and down. 
The observer takes the data using the OCS and runs the data-reduction pipeline (orac-dr).

The TSS runs UIST from the “cassControl” gui. (Note – cassControlEng gives a similar Gui, though data are then saved to engineering directories.)cassControl

From the above window, open the uist_oper screen. From here, datum the wheels and turn on the black-body. (Use the uist-ccs console to reboot the CCS [mechanisms – grism, filter wheels, etc.] if necessary.)

To run-up UIST the TSS and observer simply run through the steps on the left of the window:

  • START [1] – this starts the low level software AND launches a GAIA quick-look display on Ohi. The log in the right-half of the window should say Starting camera 5 and then (after 10 secs or so) wfacq5: drama:Running filesave:Running camera:Running rtai:Running. If you DON’T get a GAIA display – don’t go any further – since you won’t get one later in the run-up sequence.
  • OCS_UP [2] – this runs the “Query Tool” (QT) – used for selecting which MSBs to observe, the “Queue monitor” – used for lining up observations to be executed, and the “Sequence Console”, which will actually run (execute) the observations. The observer should run this on Ohi.
  • ADD INST [3] – this will activate the Sequence Console on Ohi (which will have come up blank).
  • ENABLE [4] – this will enable the array. Note that the array says “On” on the sequence console.

Once the above four steps have been executed successfully, the observer can run the UIST Array tests and take data.

The run-down sequence is displayed in red (steps [6] to [9]). 

  • DISABLE [6] – to disable the array; it will say “Off” in a red box on the sequence console.
  • REM INST [7] – this kills the Sequence Console.
  • OCS_DOWN [8] – to be done by the observer. This should kill the QT and Queue Monitor on Ohi, though you may have to close the GAIA quick look manually. 
  • STOP [9] – this will finally run down the low-level software. The log in the right of the window should say: wfacq5: drama:Stopped filesave:Stopped camera:Stopped rtai:Stopped.

IMPORTANT: In you are unsure about whether the array is enabled or disabled, check the LEDs on the controller in the dome. Most of the green LEDs should be OFF.

Once the software has been run down, set UIST to dark from the uist_oper screen, switch off the black-body and arc lamps, and put the calibration unit in the beam.

ENGINEERING: Instead of running cassControlEng, “ocs_up -simTel -eng” can be run from the command line, together with “uistMenu”.

NUKE: use this to kill drama and rtai processes if you are having problems running up.