Spectroscopy: Data Reduction Recipes

Spectroscopy: Data Reduction Recipes

The following tables describe the UIST spectroscopy ORACDR recipes; click on the recipe name for more information. The Requirements listed below are frames that should be obtained prior to use of the recipe, although data can always be re-reduced when the appropriate frames have been taken. Flats and standard stars must be obtained through the same grism and slit.

Recipe NameRequirementsComments
REDUCE_BIASNoneReduce a Bias observation
REDUCE_ARCNoneStores as an arc
REDUCE_FLATDarkStores as a flat

Recipe NameRequirementsComments
POINT_SOURCEFlat, Arc, Standard starDefault point source reduction
POINT_SOURCE_NOSTDFlat, ArcFor sources without a standard
POINT_SOURCE_NOFLATArc, Standard starFor sources without a flat
POINT_SOURCE_NOARCFlat, Standard starFor sources without an arc
POINT_SOURCE_NOFLAT_NOSTDNoneSources with no flat or standard
FAINT_POINT_SOURCEFlat, Arc, StandardFor faint targets (weak continuum)

There are versions of these recipes which reduce a standard star sequence; these data are then filed for use with the target observations (see e.g. STANDARD_STAR)

Recipe NameRequirementsComments
EXTENDED_SOURCEFlat field, Arc, standard starDefault extended source reduction
EXTENDED_SOURCE_NOSTDFlat field, ArcFor sources without a standard
EXTENDED_SOURCE_NOFLATStandard star, ArcFor sources without a flat
EXTENDED_SOURCE_NOARCStandard star, FlatFor sources without an arc
EXTENDED_SOURCE_NOFLAT_NOSTDNoneSources with no flat or standard

Recipe NameRequirementsComments
REDUCE_SINGLE_FRAMEFlat fieldReduces a single frame
REDUCE_SINGLE_FRAME_NOFLATNoneReduces a single frame without a flat

Recipe NameRequirementsComments
POINT_SOURCE_POLFlat field, ArcReduces Spec-Pol quads

Recipe NameRequirementsComments
QUICK_LOOKNoneDisplay raw data file (and convert from HDS to NDF)
NIGHT_LOGNoneGenerate an ascii log
EMISSIVITYflatCalculates telescope emissivity