UIST: Engineering

UIST: Engineering

Filter and Grism Wheel Populations

UIST Temperatures and Pressures

  • Temperature plots – remote
  • Temperature and pressure plots – more extensive, but can’t display remotely.
    • At the telescope: type dm all.dl. Note chan 2 and 3 pressures usually e-04 and e-07.
    • At home: login to OHI and tail /jac_logs/epics_data/uistLogs/uist.txt. Values are listed as Chan 1, Chan 2 (the array), HEATER (usually 20-30%), range, optics bench (slow to change), wiring pole, 1st stage cold-head (55K), 2nd stage cold-head (13K). The two stages on the cold-head (CCC) usual increase first, especially if its a cold-head problem or dead chiller/compressor.
  • Cooldown plots:
  • Cryostat Control Software (internal use only)
  • Using the Turbovac Pump – mounted on UIST (photo available here).

Monitoring and Maintaining UIST’s Performance


UIST Issues & Problems