UIST: Engineering: Grism Wheels 2003-2004

UIST: Engineering: Grism Wheels 2003-2004

UIST has two 9-slot grism wheels which contain the polarimetry prism and the grisms for spectroscopy. The table below lists the grism wheels’ population. See the UIST filter-wheels web page for cut-on/cut-off wavelengths for the filters. Note that the short-/long- grisms are used in second order, so some ofthe blocking filter choices are driven by the need to block different orders (e.g. 2nd order lines between 1.34-1.51 passed by the B2 would appear in the short-K grism in 3rd order [at 2.00-2.26], so the short-K cutoff must be >1.51um; similarly, 2nd order lines between 1.58-1.67 would come through the HK filter and be seen by long-K in 3rd order [at 2.37-2.51], so the long-K blocker cut-off must be >1.67um).

1 March 2003 — 9 March 2004

Wheel 1Wheel 2
2Short J54242.4J-spectral2HK low*84169.7non
3Wollaston812253Long J53250J-spectral
4Short L59217.4L-spectral4HK83181.4B2 (cgs4)
5blank221.75Short K56250HK-spectral
6KL57205KL-spectral6Long H51241.2H-spectral
7Short H52250H-spectral7IJ85160.0none
8Long K55251.4KL-spectral8Long L58235L-spectral
9HK x-disp86159.5none9M60230M-spectral

*Used with the HK cross-disperser (so no need for blocking)

Movement between positions 5 or 6 and the other positions involves moving passed a datum switch.

Previous grism wheel arrangements: Pre-20030301.