UIST: Engineering: Slit Wheels 2003-2006

UIST: Engineering: Slit Wheels 2003-2006

In spectroscopic mode UIST will only be used with the 0.12″/pixel plate scale.

The instrument has a 16-slot slit wheel which contains polarimetry masks, field stops and the slits for spectroscopy. The table below lists the slit wheel’s population.

1 March 2003 – 1 February 2006

1Small field stop (long cam)1arcmin x 1arcmin squareV
2X-disp 5pixel slit0.60arcsec x 20arcsecO
3X-disp 7pixel slit0.84arcsec x 20arcsecZ
4X-disp 3pixel slit0.36arcsec x 20arcsecM
5Large field stop (short cam)2arcmin x 2arcmin squareD
6Long 4pixel slit0.48arcsec x 120arcsecK
7Long 5pixel slit0.60arcsec x 120arcsecL
8Long 2pixel slit0.24arcsec x 120arcsecI
9Long 1pixel slit0.12arcsec x 120arcsecH
10Long 7pixel slit0.84arcsec x 120arcsecY
11Pol mask imagingTwo slots 20arcsec x 120arcsec (170x1024pix)F
12Pol 2-pix spectroscopyTwo slots 0.24arcsec x 20arcsecG
13Pol 5-pix spectroscopyTwo slots 0.60arcsec x 20arcsecX
142pixel pinhole2pix x 2pixB
15large holeN
16IFU pick-off5arcsec x 5arcsec square

Note: Datum switch region posns 5-10.

Previous slit wheel arrangement (Feb 2002 – Mar 2003) is available here.