Useful Configuration Files

Useful Configuration Files

uist.cfg: in /jac_sw/orac3/OT/cfg/ukirt/
Edit in this directory, then change to /jac_sw/orac3/ and type ‘make’ to put the new version in use. After this commit to CVS.

CCS .data files: For the mechanisms – /jac_sw/itsroot/src/uistCCS/data
Type make. Changes are picked up when the CCS is rebooted.

uocs.cfg file: /jac_sw/itsroot/src/oracda_new/uist/uocs.cfg at the summit.

Old stuff from Edict:

Waveforms: /jac_sw/itsroot/install/edict/waveforms/uist.
Changes to .wfg files (e.g. tick periods, voltages) are picked up the next time the waveform is loaded.

execs files (for focus runs etc under engineering interface): /jac_sw/itsroot/install/engineering/data/
. Can edit or create new execs to run under uistEngSim.