UKIRT Fast-Track Imager

UKIRT Fast-Track Imager

UFTI is a 1-2.5um camera with a 1024×1024 HgCdTe array and a plate scale of 0.091 arcsec per pixel, giving a field of 92 arcsec. Subarrays (i.e. fewer pixels read out and so lower overheads) may also be used. Standard broad and narrow-band filters are available. For direct imaging with 0.5″ images UFTI is more sensitive than the reconfigured IRCAM (TUFTI) at all of JHK. UFTI was built at Oxford University.

Watson Varricatt ( is the instrument scientist responsible for UFTI, and should be contacted with all UFTI enquiries. The Guide below is largely confined to two pages for ease of printing. The “Parameters” page is designed for reference (when preparing proposals, etc.). The “Observing” page should be read by first-time UFTI users before coming to observe; use this as an introduction to UFTI imaging with the ORAC software. You can finalise your observing strategy once you have met your Support Scientist in Hilo. Note that these pages may be updated at any time with new characterisation information.

The current status of the instrument is given here, although for those writing PATT proposals the information below should be up-to-date. For possible future instrument changes check the Availability of instruments on UKIRT web page.

Instrumental Parameters (all links below to the same page)

Observing with UFTI (Main links below to the same page)

Tables of standard stars and other calibration information are available on separate pages.

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