WFCAM – The UKIRT Wide Field Camera

WFCAM – The UKIRT Wide Field Camera


Description of WFCAMFocal plane layout, filters, autoguider.
PerformanceWFCAM zeropoints, signal to noise ratio calculations, throughput, sensitivity tables, blank sky brightness, twilight flat fields
Preparing your ObservationObserving terminology, guidelines for scientific survey MSB design, microstepping, calibrations (standard darks).
Submitting MSBs
WFCAM Data HandlingRaw data flow, pipeline processing, access to WFCAM data
Frequently Asked Questions
Technical Information Detector array characteristics, readout modes, noise, gain
TroubleshootingNighttime troubleshooting tips
Image quality problems checklist
WFCAM focus positions
Notes on focusing

Engineering, Commissioning etc

Pretty pictures, Photos etc

Photos of WFCAM on UKIRT