Interior Photos of UKIRT

Interior Photos of UKIRT

In the UKIRT dome, this plaque hangs showing the dedication of the telescope in 1979.

Below are some interior photos taken of UKIRT including wide views of the full telescope. Some images show UKIRT with the WFCAM instrument (the long black cylindrical instrument in the center of the primary mirror), while others were taken while WFCAM was removed for maintenance. Click on a single image to get a larger view of the photo. (Copyright: Laurie Chu and Jessica Stasik)

In the next set of pictures, some more close-up photos show the instruments, individual components, and the back end of UKIRT. (Copyright: Laurie Chu and Jessica Stasik)

Operations of UKIRT are now done remotely from Hilo but the photos below were taken in 2010 when operations took place at the summit. These are photos inside the control room. (Copyright: Jason Chu).

In the lower level is a kitchen space and outside the control room are the computer servers to operate and control the telescope. Below are some images of these areas. (Copyright: Laurie Chu)

Additional interior fisheye shots capture the full view of UKIRT with the dome shutter open. The first photo is taken at night with the light of the moon shining through the dome shutter (Copyright Paul Hirst) and the second photo was taken during the day (Copyright: Tom Kerr).