Running with Broken Cameras

Running with Broken Cameras

1) Run down the OCS and WFCAM low level software

2) cd /jac_sw/itsroot/src/oracda/scripts/

3) edit orac_env.vws 
    change the second from last line from wfcamInit1234 to e.g., wfcamInit124 (i.e., leave out the number/s of the camera you don’t want running).

4) save the file, exit editor and then type “make”

5) run up wfcamControl as normal, but run up the low level software individually for each camera except, obviously, the camera that is not running

6) DO NOT use the status button for all cameras, instead use the individual status buttons for each camera 

7) add inst and enable arrays in the normal way

8) when finished, disable and ocs_down as normal

9) run down the low level software for each camera individually

Changing wfcamMenu to use fewer than four cameras (old)

1) cd /jac_sw/itsroot/src/engineering/wfcam/scripts/
2) edit wfcamMenu.tcl
3) comment out all lines that deal with the camera that isn’t working (i.e., if it’s camera 3, all lines with camera3 in them could be commented out).
4) type “make”