16 October 2006 – Special Call for UKIRT Circular Polarimetry Service Proposals

16 October 2006 – Special Call for UKIRT Circular Polarimetry Service Proposals

Observing dates: 16-17 Oct 2006

The first halves of Oct-16 and Oct-17 are scheduled for Service observations on UKIRT.  Due to exceptional scheduling circumstances, circular polarimetry observing mode using the IRPOL2 polarimetry module will also be available for these half-nights only, and Service program applications are invited for this mode. All circular polarimetry Service observations must be undertaken on a collaborative basis with the University of Hertfordshire (who have supplied the circular polarimetry hardware).  Potential circular polarimetry project PIs should therefore contact Professor James Hough (jhh ‘at’ star.herts.ac.uk) in advance of putting in any proposal. Both imaging and spectroscopic circular polarimetry should be available, using UIST and UFTI.

The usual Service observing modes will also be supported on these two half nights, but priority will be given to circular polarimetry proposals due to the limited availability of this mode.

UKIRT Service programmes must require not more than three hours of actual time (including time on targets, standard observations and any other overheads). Where possible, applications should be submitted at least two weeks before the relevant service night, to allow sufficient time for referee assessment. 

For full information on the UKIRT service programme, including proposal submission procedures, please see:

http://www.jach.hawaii.edu/UKIRT/service/ – Dead link needs updating.

The UKIRT Service Programme Manager is Mark G. Rawlings 
(ukirtserv ‘at’ jach.hawaii.edu).

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