Survey Observing

Survey Observing

This page has information for members of the UKIDSS consortium. If you are planning on physically coming to Hawaii, you should also carefully review the visitor’s pages.

Observing Information

Survey AdministratorsDescription of the upload process, database areas and other survey management processes for UKIDSS survey heads and their co-Is.
Survey Status Weekly updates of UKIDSS Survey Progress.
OMP PagesLinks to the top-level UKIDSS project home pages (for general feedback) and the individual upload block projects (for specifics).
UKIDDS DataHow to get UKIDSS data, data access policies etc. If you use UKIDSS data in a publication, please don’t forget to acknowledge us.

Background Information

Survey HomepageThe UKIDSS consortium home page. This provides the general background information on the project.
Operational ModelUKIDSS Operational model and communications paths. Interaction with PATT etc.