UKIDSS Survey Status

UKIDSS Survey Status

RA Coverage

Currently active UKIDSS MSBs have the following distribution in RA (normally updated weekly, Thursday HST):

RA Coverage by Survey

UKIRT Infrared Deep Sky Survey Operations

This page gives top-level scheduling and completion information relevant to UKIRT execution of the UKIDSS surveys. The statistics are updated daily, except where otherwise stated. For a graphical representation of survey progress (generated from reduced data at CASU) and other product statistics, click here.

Updated: 2013-08-20 UT 

Target statistics

Time used in each survey in the last 7 nights

Projects Currently Active

Currently active surveys are listed below. 

Project IDDescriptionR.A.Comments/Recent Actions
DXS27XMM-LSS2hJ and K. 30 minutes. Seeing <1.1. Thin cirrus.
DXS28Lockman Hole11hK only. 30 minutes. Seeing <0.9. Thin cirrus.
DXS29Elais-N116hJ only. 30 minutes. Seeing <1. Thin cirrus.
DXS30DXS SA22 Campaign 916h30 minutes. Seeing <1. Thin cirrus.
GCS26Tau-Aur 08B (K-only & thin cirrus MSBs 21-86) – 3-5hZYJ (24 minutes). Seeing <1. Thin cirrus.
GCS4010B Orion (ZYJ)4.9-6.2hZYJ (24 minutes). Seeing <1.1. Photometric.
GCS46 UKIDSS GCS: Taurus (ZYJ completion)3-5hZYJ (19 minutes). Seeing <1. Photometric; J sky mag >15.7.
GCS48Upper Sco ZYJ row 5-93-4hZYJ (8-13 minute MSBs). Seeing <1.1. Photometric; J sky mag>15.7.
GPS10DUKIDSS GPS10D block3-7hK-band MSBs. Thin cirrus. Seeing <1, J sky mag > 14.5; 18-31 minutes.
LAS_J2_12ALAS J band 2nd epoch 12A8-16hJ, 36 minute MSBs;Kzen <1.1; J sky mag > 15.5 photometric
LAS_P12ALAS Patchup 12A8-16h10-45 minute MSBs; Kzen <1.1; J sky mag > 15.5 for YJ; J sky mag > 14.5 for HK. Photometric
UDS8UDS 10B JHK2hAlways top priority when observable. Also, look for short single paw observations if there are small time gaps to fill. In that case strictly follow priorities (to achieve completeness of the tiles).


‘i+’ denotes increased internal priority.
‘i=n’ denotes internal priority set to ‘n’.
‘f=-n’ denotes a raising of n in global priority factor (‘fudge factor’). The more negative the value of n, the higher the priority in the queue.
The Pie Chart was generated using the Pie Chart Java Applet written by Tom Van Vleck. See: Pie Chart for more information.