31 March 2005 – WFCAM Service Projects

31 March 2005 – WFCAM Service Projects

WFCAM has been added to the service system database and we are now formally accepting WFCAM service proposals. the standard time limit of three hours will apply. 

Data resulting from WFCAM service observing must be retrieved in reduced form from the WFCAM science archive. Raw data will not be distributed. 

Observing modes will be restricted to those applicable to normal observing under UKIDSS and PATT aegis; these are quite extensive and should cover most requirements.

The deadline for applications for the second-half service nights scheduled on April 19th and 20th is April 5th.  Suitable RAs would be 10h30m to 22h00m, and Dec, as usual for UKIRT, -40 to +60 degrees. 

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